Emergency Communications

Emergency Communications

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General Information

The Mount Tom Amateur Repeater Association has as part of its mission, the resources and intent to assist the communities in our service area in the event of an emergency or disaster. In order to fulfill this purpose, our members are encouraged to use their personal resources and communications assets, as well as those belonging to the club, to be prepared to serve in any capacity needed. Accordingly, the pages in this section describe some of the ways one can prepare, information needed by organizations we assist, and a list of events which serve to provide communications training.  -Paul, N1FI   12/16/2009

The ARRL has excellent information related to ARES, RACES, and NTS. Follow the following links to find out things like how ARES and RACES differ, what a served agency is, when you should deploy (or not), how you can download a copy of the ARES manual, what a DEC is, who our DEC is, what standard ARRL message format is, and many other bits of information that you need to be an effective operator during an emergency.

ARRL Diamon with lightning bold through it Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES)

American Eagle with with word RACES above it  Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES)


    National Traffic System



Useful Links

ARRL Western Massachusetts Section Website

Go Kit List (This is just one example of a “Go Kit” as submitted by Hampden/Hampshire County DEC Tom N1MUV. There are many examples of Go Kits on the web. Just search on “Ham Radio Go Kits” and find one that looks like it will work for you.)