MTARA, June 19, 2015 Club Meeting

Our Guest Speaker for 6/19/2015 is Donna Halper, a well respected media historian with a long career in both radio and print.

Donna has spoken on the history of broadcasting, ham radio history, women’s history, and popular culture at museums, schools, civic organizations, and historical societies. She is also the author of “Boston Radio 1920-2010,” a history of Boston radio in words and pictures, published in 2011.

Ms. Halper received her doctorate in Communication from the University of Massachusetts/Amherst in May 2011, writing her dissertation on how early radio changed American society.

Donna is the author of six books and has six essays in the Biographical Encyclopedia of American Radio, about pioneering women and minorities in early broadcasting.

Ms. Halper has had a successful career in broadcasting, including more than 29 years as a radio programming and management consultant in markets of all sizes, both college and commercial stations, all over North America.